Why do nonprofits need active shooter coverage?

Unfortunately active shooter attacks are in the headlines more and more frequently. While mass attacks get the most media attention, many smaller scale incidents are just as prevalent.

Of course, the most important thing to do is to have security measures in place to prevent incidents or training to defend against an active shooter incident. AGB Investigative is one of the leading security guard companies in the United States. Nonprofits tend to have less security personnel in place than large businesses. Those nonprofits that are open to serve the public are especially vulnerable. Even with the most stringent measures in place, active shooter incidents can still occur.

While there is a tendency to think “it can’t happen here,” it is better to be prepared with insurance coverage in case it does. Of course, injuries or death are the most devastating consequences of an active shooter attack. But, the aftermath also yields significant damage.

Many active shooter policies include mental health counseling services for staff members. An incident can also damage your organization’s reputation if the public views it as an unsafe place to receive services, so crisis management support is another coverage option for consideration. If your facility has to stop operations during a recovery period, business interruption insurance can cover lost revenue. Third party liability coverage may include damages, monetary awards, and settlements.

With the more carriers providing active shooter coverage, competition has led to better pricing, which make may it more affordable for your organization. Many nonprofits are training their staffs how to respond in the event an active shooter enters the workplace. Active shooter insurance coverage will further protect your staff and your organization.