Get More Services at the Same Cost

We know you’re looking for much more from your insurance broker. That’s why with BCG Advisors, you get more than just an employee benefits broker; we become an extension of your human resources department. You get over a dozen services, including Benefits Administration and Compliance Management, at no extra charge to you. Compare BCG Advisors to your current benefits broker, and you’ll discover why it’s a smart move to switch to BCG Advisors. Download our free comparison checklist today!

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Get the Right Commercial Insurance Coverage

Whether you are a small manufacturing firm, child care center, church, small business, or accounting firm, BCG Advisors will custom design innovative and efficient commercial risk management solutions for you. We partner with the strongest, most capable national and regional commercial property and casualty insurance carriers to get you the best coverage at the lowest possible price.


Navigate Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform is overwhelming and confusing. How do you know which parts of the Affordable Care Act apply to your company? How do you comply with such complex requirements and avoid fines? Come to BCG Advisors – we are healthcare reform specialists. We analyze your current status and explain in simple terms what you and your employees need to know about ACA. Then we handle everything from there. Whether it is sending employees’ exchange notices or calculating full-time equivalent employees for the Employer Mandate, we help you every step of the way.

Experience Our Benefits Concierge Service

Now more than ever, you need experienced, licensed advocates to help your employees deal with health insurance complexities. With BCG Advisors, you get benefits specialists who work with your employees one-on-one to resolve claims issues, find in-network providers, answer questions about their plan, and more. We are also available to explain the employee benefits program to your new hires. This level of advocacy keeps your employees satisfied and your HR team from getting bogged down in health insurance issues.

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