Commercial Defensive Driver’s Test

A list of safety procedures to pass to be considered a safe driver.

Defensive Driving Table of Contents Commercial Defenisive Drivers Test


Office Safety Matters: Be Defensive on the Road

Use these safety talking points to discuss the importance of driving defensively with employees that are often behind the wheel.

Be Defensive on the Road


Safety Matters: Defensive Driving – Accident Prevention

Safety talk useful in educating your workers on defensive driving techniques to prevent accidents.

Safety Matters Defensive Driving – Accident Prevention


Auto Insights: Safe Driving Saves Money

Your automobile insurance premium is a direct result of your driving record, regardless if it is clean as a whistle or riddled with tickets and accidents. This amount is determined by the insurance company to cover the costs of insuring you and your family as drivers on the road. Here are some ways to lower your premium.

Safe Driving Saves Money


Auto Insights: Safe Driving on Slick Roadways

Winter weather can present many driving headaches for drivers, slick roadways being one of them. Most skids can be prevented by simply adjusting driving to the conditions and remembering how to recover if you should come in contact with a slick surface. Here are some more tips for driving in winter.

Safe Driving on Slick Roadways


Playing it Safe: Driver Safety

This flyer promotes good driver safety habits.

Playing it Safe Driver Safety


Safety Quickstart: Defensive Driving Guide

This guide overviews all of the resources necessary to host an effective safety meeting on defensive driving.

Commercial Defensive Driver